Noodle Haus Games

I acted as the Creative Lead for Noodle Haus Games in charge of task and time management for a small team of designers, as well as doing my own part in art asset development.

Our team at Noodle Haus Games was pulled from a core group of student developers who worked with the SDSU X-Team; San Diego State University’s team entry in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition, a global $10 million challenge to build the future of consumer medical diagnostics. Based on our experience developing wireless health and mobile applications, we made the move to develop Kiaido, an augmented reality mobile app that we hope transformed the users’ experience of mobile gaming!

Update: As of 01/28/17 our Kickstarter for Kiaido has sadly failed to produce the required funds needed to continue steady work on the game. The Noodle Haus team is closing shop and everyone on the team is moving on to other projects. We value the experience of trying to create a game for the first time and will use our new found knowledge to advance ourselves forward in the future.