San Diego Zoo Global Academy

I worked with San Diego Zoo Global from Feb 2018 til August 2018 as an intern and later on as a contractor. My main tasks included content creation and video editing for online classes and tutorials. The content I worked on ranged from Rattlesnake Relocation to Prenatal Formula Calculations, I also edited seminar videos and TAM talks(Texas Association of Museums) into manageable content for course material. Some of the people I worked with were Jon Prange, director for San Diego Zoo Global Academy, and Gary Priest curator and animal care trainer for the San Diego Zoo. Working with that type of content and trying to figure out the best method to illustrate a lesson for a course was a fun and interesting experience, it was great being a part of the SDZGA team and I hope to work with them again one day.

*Not an Official Training Video. Do not practice these techniques without proper training.*